Gerry’s chronological training and experience



1/ Polarity Energy Balancing practitioner’s diploma from the Polarity Health Institute, Washington State, U.S.A. –  a natural heath care system based on the universal principals of energy: attraction, repulsion and neutrality.The flow and balance of electromagnetic energy in the human body is the foundation of good health. 





2/ Metamorphic technique, with Gaston Saint Pierre, founder, London, U.K – using a light touch along the spinal reflex points on feet, hands and head. It uses the person’s own life force to do healing. –




3/ Ortho-Bionomy practitioner certificate with Arthur Lincoln Pauls D.O. founder, London, U.K. – ortho-bionomy is a gentle, non invasive, osteopathically based form of body therap.




4/ Advanced certificate in iridology from Bernard Jenson, Escondido, California. – iridology is examination of the iris to determine information about a person’s systemic health www.wikipedia.org/wiki/iridology 


5/ Massage diploma from the Krupalu Holistic Health Centre, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.




6/ Yoga Teachers Diploma with the Australian and International Yoga Association




7/  Osteopathic and Chiropractic registration




8/ Medical acupuncture certificate




9/ Biomesotherapy training




 Post graduate Chiropractic studies include:




T.B.M. Total Body Modification – tbmseminars.com 


N.E.T. Neuro Emotional Technique – a mind-body stress reduction technique – www.netmindbody.com 




Activator Method –  Chiropractic instrument adjusting – www.activator.com 


S.O.T. Sacro Occiputal Technique – indicator based approach to patient assessment and treatment. – www.sotousa.com   




N.S.A. Network Spinal Analysis – gentle, precise touch to the spine cues the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies – www.associationfornetworkcare.com 




A.R.T. Active Release Technique – soft tissue system/movement based massage system – www.activerelease.com 


A.B.C. Advanced Biostructural Correction – www.advbiostructuralcorr.com 




C.B.P. Chiropractic Bio Physics – combines standard chiropractic adjustments with mirror image(opposite position) postural adjustments, spinal/postural exercise and traction –  www.idealspine.com&nbs;


T.R.T. Torque Release Technique – non force tonal model – www.torquerelease.com.au 


Chiropractic rehabilitation with Dr John Hyland




Wellness seminar modules 1,2,3,4 with Dr James Chestnut , Eat Well ,Move Well, Think Well – www.thewellnesspractice.com  




–  C.C.W.P. Certified Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle Practitioner qualification with the I.C.A. International Chiropractic Association, March


 Mind Body Training




Voice Dialogue sydney, with the founders Hal and Sidra Stone






N.L.P. Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certificate – utilising a  connection between the neurological processes (“neuro”), language (“linguistic”) and behavioral patterns that have been learned through experience (“programming”) that can be organized to achieve specific goals in life.www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuro-linguistic_programming  


E.F.T. Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping on various body energy point locations to balance meredians/channels that become disrupted when you think about or experience an emotionaly disturbing circumstance www.eftdownunder.com


The reconnection with Dr Eric Pearl www.thereconnection.com  



Prych-K  aligning subconscious and conscious beliefs  www.psych-k.com  




Holistic Lifestyle Coaching level 1 with the Chek Institute – disease and stress are preventable through healthy eating habits, lifestyle management and appropraite types of exercise. www.chekinstitute.com


July 23, 2011


 Ongoing CPD, Continuing Professional Development


Optimising motor control of the lumbo/pelvic and hip complex, presented by Trish Wisby-Roth, Physiotherapist –  view www.bbclasses.com.au 


March 3/4,  2012


 The McConnell approach to knee problems presented by Jenny McConnell, physiotherapist.-  view www.mcconnell-institute.com 


June 2/3,  2012


3 dimensional assessment and treatment of lumbar spine and pelvis, presented by Trish Wisby-Roth, Physiotherapist.


– June 16/17 2012 course, evidence based practices for chiropractors today,assessment, care planning, interventions and patient education, presented by Dr James Chestnut www.thewellnesspractice.com 


September 15,  2012


 course, hip assessment and treatment, presented by Trish Wisby-Roth, Physiotherapist


February 2013


Holistic Lifestyle Coaching level 1 certification, with the Chek Institute www.chekinstitute.com 


February 2013


Member of the council on wellness lifestyle science of the International Chiropractors Association (I.C.A.)


March 2013


C.C.W.P. Certified Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle Practitioner qualification with the I.C.A. International Chiropractic Association


September 2013


Trigenics mid body and spine course with Dr Allan Oolo Austin (founder) A Neurological muscle assessment, treatment and training system to decrease pain and increase strength and movement. www.trigenics.net ,  www.trigenicsaustralia.com.au 


May 15 2014


 How to empower change in your clients with Paul Chek – www.chekinstitute.com


June 14/15 2014


 Essentials of effective scoliosis management presented by Dr Jeb McAviney www.sydneyscoliosisclinic.com.au 


July 8-11 2014


  The Experts Academy presented by Brendon Burchard www.brendonburchard.com


July 13 2014


Denneroll spinal orthotics product training in a clinical setting, presented by Dr Adrian Dennerwal www.denneroll.com 


February 27/28 2015


Flip Your Business in Sydney presented by Andrew Roberts www.andrewroberts.com.au 


February 13-15


Copywriting implementation, Gold Coast, presented by Bret Thomson – www.BretThomson.com 


March 9-15


 –  Kuala Lumpur Malasia Profit Point speaking and communication business certification with Joel Bauer




March 20-22 2015


Internet Income Intensive, Launching products online presented by Peng Joon




May 1-2 2015


Stretching, The Art and Science of Flexibility Training with Paul Chek




May 28-31 2015


Public Speaking University presented by Andy Harrington




June 4-5 2016


Optomising Motor Control of the Lumbo Pelvic Region and Dynamic Hip Retraining Course by Trish Wisby-Roth Physiotherapist




June 12 2016


TRX Suspension Training Course Sydney




July 1-2 2017


Shoulder Workshop with Jenny Mc Connell Physiotherapist




March 21-22 2018


Discovering Your Psoas presented by Liz Koch




March 24-25 2018


3D assessment and treatment of the cervical spine, thoracic spine and ribs presented by Physiotherapist Trish Wisby Roth




May 19 2018


Rock Tape course Sydney




June 21-22 2018


Sydney Kinesio taping presented by Physiotherapist Thuy Bridges




March 2-3 2019


Sydney KLT level 1 Kinetic Link Training presented by Wayne Rodger full body resistance exercise




March 30-31 2019


– Gold Coast SFMA level 1 Selective Functional Movement Assessment




May 3-5 2019


Sydney FMS Functional Movement Screen level 1 and 2



July 13-14 2019


Sydney KLT Kinetic Link Training level 2





November 20-22 2020


Sydney FMS Functional Movement Screen level 1 and 2




November 2022


Joined the Australian Physiotherapy Association


December 10-11 2022


Sydney Approach to chronic low back and leg pain presented by Physiotherapist Jenny Mc Connell


March 18-19 2023


Auckland New Zealand SFMA Level 2 Selective Functional Movement Assessment




May 21 2023


Sydney Rocktape soft tissue course


June 3-4 2023


Sydney Shoulders course presented by Physiotherapist Wayne Rogers

May 4-5 2024

Sydney D.N.S. Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation Exercise Course – Part 1


July 13-14 2024

Newcastle D.N.S (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabiliser) exercise course – Part 2